Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Late Night Urges To Freestyle Eat

Since my weigh in Saturday there have been challenging moments. I still find myself battling the urge to eat at night after everyone has gone to bed.

We have three kids who are very fit for their ages so there are snack foods in the house which at times call my name. Can't deprive the kids just because of my problem. I've asked my wife to hide most of the more tempting things like cookies and candy. I have managed to stay away from them. However, I could easily slip into the frige and whip up a PB&J sandwich of something to that effect. I haven't but I could.

When I get the urges I tell myself "you did great with your plan today. your at 1500 cals for the day which means you lost weight and you ate good foods.... do you really want to blow it?"

I turn to a cup of tea as the late night treat also. No milk, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar or honey. This seems to soothe the urges. Baby carrot sticks are good too. They have very few calories and taste great. But I have to admit I get the urge to freestyle eat every single night. Maybe I should just go to bed earlier... gee that would be a good idea!



  1. Two words: CHEWING GUM

    Works wonders in the evening for me, for some reason when I am chewing my favorite flavors I don't feel hungry anymore and the urge to eat goes away since the party I want to happen in my mouth is happening... just without all the calories.

  2. One word: Distraction.

    Get busy doing something; reading, a work out DVD, some kind of project, read blogs.....something. The temptation will pass.

    You're doing great.

  3. Good job on resisting!

    Just a tip though. 1,500 calories per day is going to be really tough to stick to in the long haul. Especially when starting out, like we are, it's good to go somewhere between 2,000-2,500. One can go into depravation mode. Weening is important.

    But proud of you for resisting. Better than me! I gave into a tapioca pudding last night. Only 100 calories, but still! :)

  4. i agree. i plan on ramping up to about 1800-2000 soon.

  5. I have been known to tape photos of myself on snacks that I don't want to eat. Luckily for me, there are no really tempting goodies in the house as the hubby is really supportive and doesn't bring them in!

    Sounds like you are doing good and have some good systems to help stave off the snacking.

  6. I drink 2 c. of decaf coffee in the evenings as my "snack". I use the refrigerated Coffeemate sugar-free hazelnut creamer, 1 tbsp per cup. It's 15 cal per tbsp, so for both cups I'm only consuming 30 calories, and because of the hazelnut, it's kind of like a creamy dessert. Coffeemate also has sugar-free vanilla caramel, which is REALLY good, for the same calorie count. Give it a try! :)