Friday, January 22, 2010

A Closet Eater's Test

Remember last week's post about Closet Eating (Ah Ha Moment #1: Closet Eating Is Really Bad)? I was really pleased to see so many comments from people who identified with me on the subject of eating in private. The post included a confession about stopping at a White Castle (months ago) on the way home from a business appointment which was a big step for me to admit.

Well yesterday I had a business appointment which required me to drive past many temptations to and from my meeting including the infamous White Castle. This time was different though. This time I planned for the potential of being temped by the logo that Madison Avenue had so successfully etched in my brain. I brought with me a tangerine, a bottle of water and a commitment that I would not stop for a snack. But I knew this wouldn't be enough. I took extra precaution to line up a few conference calls so that when I passed the WC logo sign I would be preoccupied with business distractions.

The ride to the appointment was fine. I had just eaten lunch and was mentally preparing for my meeting. I made it there without out a problem but thought about how the ride home might be the problem.

After the meeting I jumped in car and immediately peeled the tangerine thinking that I could eat the sections slowly as I passed a few other obstacles... McDonald's, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts to name a few. This strategy worked well. Then I got on my conf calls which basically lasted the entire ride home.

So I'm pleased to report I jumped a major hurdle and passed the test. I did not Closet Eat today. It's amazing how the mind works though. Do you know that while I was driving 70 mph on that highway, on a conf call discussing business, my eye somehow caught that small White Castle logo at the precise moment I passed that sign? I didn't have time to react because I was preoccupied by the business call. I have to wonder though how I can drive while all this stuff is going through my head.

Anyway... it's a solid victory for a recovering Closet Eater. One last thing... The comments that you guys have left for me on this blog helped me avoid this trap as well. I thought about you while I was driving. I really appreciate all the support. I look forward to the day when I can just drive and not even think about about all this stuff. Hopefully that day will come soon.



  1. Ahh, its little (big) things like this that sometimes make us feel the most amazing. Congrats!

  2. That's awesome! And each time you defeat that drive, it will become easier. There is a guy on my followers list called Big Clyde [he has a picture of Andre the giant]. He has a great recent post about defeating the beast. I reacon you'd appreciate it :o)

    You guys can talk on your mobile phones while driving? We can't over here. BIG fines!

  3. GREAT NSV!! I actually thought of you last night for this reason! Driving to class with my bottle of water and my almonds. Once I got on campus - SONIC! AAAAH! Nobody would have known.

    And I think it's funny that I got on the phone, too.

    Anyhow. Good work.

  4. It's hard, it gets a littl easier, but I still struggle. Awesome job! That's a huge victory I'd say.

  5. So amazing! Way to go on being well prepared. Its so hard to be on a diet and there are so many temptations on every corner. Blessled be

  6. Very proud of you! You should be proud of you too :-) This is a major change in the way you think about and manage food temptations/ cravings and it is really great.

  7. Passing up the WC.... That is huge. I haven't had a WC burger since I left Ohio 10 years ago. I like the substitute thing. I'm using "Cara Oranges" right now. Bigger than a tangerine not very many calories and lots of fiber. You are doing great.

    Did you read anything on BMR. When you get a chance leave me a comment on my blog

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Great job! That is a huge obstacle that you just conquered and it will get easier and easier each time. What really worked for you (I think) was the fact that you planned ahead. Keep it up!

  9. Planning ahead absolutely works wonders! I have learned to do it all the time and now never leave without my own carefully prepared meal or snack when I am driving the 4.5 hours to and from school once a month. Congratulations on overcoming that hurdle!

  10. The day may never come when a White Castle doesn't sound good, but as long as you continue protecting yourself from yourself as you and blogging about all your thoughts on things, I think you'll continue to lose weight.