Monday, January 18, 2010

A Good Day Sunday.. Oh Yeah And The Jets Won!

I can't believe the Jets actually pulled off a win Sunday against the Chargers. They got a lot of breaks but were able to capitalize on them. It was a nail biter in the 2nd half but how sweet it is to have them going to the AFC Championship.

Anyway... We had some people over to watch the game. My wife made great chili as the main course and took great care to have healthy appetizers and fruit for dessert. I did have one Mich Ultra. Also a few pretzels and pita chips with humus but I tried to stick with carrot sticks and boiled shrimp before having a moderate size bowl of chili and two slices of bread.

I kept the calories down for breakfast and lunch to make sure I had headroom for dinner. I did avoid a tray of chocolate chip cookies and opted instead for a nice bowl of mixed fruit. I ate more in quantity than I have in the past 10 days but it was not over the top.

Next week when the Jets play the Colts for the AFC Championship (sorry, I'm a long suffering Jets fan and it's been 12 years since they got this far so I had to type that) I'll be sure to choose wisely if we end up in a party situation again. But more than likely I'll be watching the game with my boys since it's an afternoon game.

I'll be keeping it to 1700 cals per day and I'm going to step up the activity.



  1. Wahoo for good choices! OMG someone else who knows what pita and hummus are. OMG! I live in Washington, a state where people have no idea what hummus is, where its origin is, how to eat it and when they see it they scoff because it, well you have to admit it isn't the most appetizing looking food. But OMG I love garlic and basil humus. YUMMM! You should try it with non-fat pita chips. Great healthy and low calorie snack!! I'm not a huge sports buff but I'm glad your team won! GO JETS!

  2. Go Jets!! The dream may end next week though.

    I am curious about your 1700 per day. Have you checked what your basal energy requirement is? I think 1700 may work against your goal. But I am not a professional. It just comes from what I have learned from the pro's. Have you been over to my blog yet ?

  3. Good job on the party food. That's one of the hardest challenges i think.

  4. thanks for your comments. You're right 1700 is probably too low. Here are my numbers.. My current Body Mass Index (BMI) is 57.4. My Estimated Daily Caloric Needs: 4242 kcal/day. This is to maintain my current weight. I should probably take in 2000 cals per day which would give me a 2200 cal burn per day before exercise. This will change of course as I loss weight and my BMI and Daily Caloric Need decreases.

  5. Making it through a football day with excellent choices - good work! Staying away from the chocolate chip cookies must have been difficult. I empathize.

  6. Just caught up on your last 3're doing great. I'm proud of you for passing on the closet eating after you dropped your son off at the party. And you're absolutely right....this is every much an addiction as any other. I wrote about that when I first started my blog last June. I don't think it's something that is necessarily cured, but something that gets easier over time but will always have to be kept in check. WE can do this! :)

  7. You are making some great choices, congrats!

    Keep going!


  8. I love how every post is more positive and more reaffirming of what you're doing every day.