Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Few Things I Look Forward To Doing

I will be adding to this list as my journey goes on but here is a first crack at the list of things I want to do or will enjoy doing as I slim down and get fit...

  • Go snowboarding with my family (hope I don't break a leg)
  • Buying nice clothes for decent prices (big clothes are freakin expensive)
  • Go for a long bike ride (this should be safe)
  • Not having to worry if a chair will hold me (those damn plastic lawn chairs)
  • Standing up out of a chair easily (what a joy that will be)
  • Running a 5K with my wife (we'll have to see how the knees are)
  • Working out with my kids (they can't wait)
  • Putting my socks on like a normal person (major process)
  • Tying my shoes without straining (also a major process)
  • Having a pair of shoes that aren't turned over on the sides (weight distribution)
  • Not having to take stair a step at a time (i hate that)
  • Fielding a ground ball (love baseball, can't bend over now)
  • Swinging a baseball bat (less girth, more movement)
  • Playing golf again (was a 12 handicap once, haven't played in 3 years)
  • Playing tennis with wife (we use to play, she'll probably kick my ass now)
  • Traveling on a plane without bringing my seat belt extender (what a thrill)
  • Enjoy being healthier and fit overall (speaks for itself)
  • Celebrating when I reach my goal weight (not with food)
  • Answering the "Have you lost weight?" question (that will be fun)
  • Maintain control over my relationship with food (priority one)

I have a lot to do.



  1. These are great things to look forward to! Why do your shoes go lop-sided? I weigh a similar amount and mine never go lop-sided. Have you tried using shoes that don't have laces? They are a fat persons best friend!

  2. For every pound you lose there is 4 pounds less pressure on your knees. Your knees are going to be so happy they'll be begging to run that 5K!

  3. Those are some good goals! You have a great jump start towards them. I bet your family is very happy for you... it's great to have that support!

  4. Those are all amazing goals! Your on your way! Love your honesty! Blessed Be

  5. I went down through your list and it might as well have been MY list. The one that really caught my eye was the clothes; I just went to Casual Male yesterday and bought 3 shirts that were 25% off and I still had to pay $97! Good luck checking those items off your list.

    FogDog Weight Loss

  6. Great goals, I am sure that you will get all of these things done!

  7. What an awesome list! You will reach all those goals!!!

  8. Just caught up on your last 3 posts. Whitecastle for you, Krystal's for me. It's my nemesis. Love those little gut bombs.

    Congrats on losing 3 more lbs!! You're doing beautifully. I'm very proud of your resolve to change your life.

    Speaking of changes, that's a fantastic list you've got there. You're going to enjoy each and every one of those things. You'll get there...just keep plugging along. I love reading about your progress! :)

  9. Alot to do?

    Every day brings you one step closer to all your goals. You are doing great!

  10. what a great list you have that is important. I am redoing my board of encourment now.