Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is Drinking Diet Soda A Health Risk?

One of the things that was suggested to me when preparing to begin my weight loss journey was to stop drinking diet soda. The reasons ranged from the possibility of artificial sweetener's tricking your body into retaining fat to the chemicals and sodium causing water retention. In any event I decided to remove diet soda from my diet 20 days ago.

I was a "two can a day" diet soda drinker... Diet Coke, Pepsi, Crush, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Fresca, Root Beer were all my favorites. I switched to favored seltzer and water which has been fine. When I did drink diet soda I stuck to the caffeine free versions so stopping wasn't really difficult for me. I feel great since I started eating more healthy and I'm sure deleting diet soda from diet has something to do with it.

Lately, I've been on a quest for information that proves the health risks of diet soda. Yesterday while surfing the web I came across an article that I think will be interesting anyone who still drinks diet soda, uses artificial sweeteners and wants to know if there are any health risks associated with them. I let you read the info and decide for yourself but I can tell you this. I will never drink diet soda or use artificial sweeteners again.

Here is the link to the article: Diet Soda - How Healthy Is It?





  1. Sold... I won't either. LOL
    I use to drink Dr. Pepper... like water... I couldn't go a day without it. When I found out I had to stop I was urged to switch to diet sodas... and I thought if I the 'real' soda is bad for me... what good can the fake (diet) one be? Thanks for the article. I will never drink them either. Keep up the good work!

  2. I use to love diet soda, but and there is the but I was really sick. I was at the dr all the time. They thought I had ms,lupus, had leg cramps and a bunch of other things. They could not figure out what was wrong.Then one day someone said do I drink diet soda. I said yes and they said stop drinking it for a week. So I did and guess what I felt great. Then I started back up and was sick again. So needless to say I quite for good. Artificial sweetner is a chemical. What do chemicals do when they heat up they activate. So think twice will it be a soda or water. Great blog.
    Today I stepped on the scale.

  3. ETL-

    Right on! I am definitely opposed to anything that doesn't have natural ingredients. I try to avoid anything that has artificial anything in it. I am getting ready to start posting some healthy meal ideas on my blog and I was just talking about this very same topic in my last blog entry.

    I think of regular soda and diet soda like I think of regular cigarettes and light cigarettes... None are good for you.

  4. It won't surprise me in the least to come to find out that Diet Coke is specially engineered to prevent weight loss. Talk about maintaining market share! If people lost weight drinking it, they might switch to regular Coke and a bunch of DC people would be outta jobs...

  5. wow, I am going to try and quit! I am such an avid diet soda drinker because of the caffeine! I need it with my busy work and school schedule. I am going to have to try and cut it out! Thanks for the article!

  6. Congrats on kicking the soda habit! I didn't think I'd ever be able to give up Cokes...even with my diabetes. But as soon as I started counting calories, it happened naturally. I just didn't want to drink my calories...I'd rather eat them! :)

  7. in the past 2 years I have had pop maybe 4 times, and twice in mixed drinks, diet or not avoid it.

    I was were you are just a few years ago and maxed out at 431. It will be bumping but you will make it, if you keep get up when you fall.

  8. I used to drink diet mt. dew. But then I went back to regular mt. dew. Currently, I am giving up pop fully. I'm four days into it (yes I have horrific life-ending headaches and yes I know they will go away). It was a lot of empty calories I was consuming. So instead I'm reaching for my bottle of water.

    PS I was about a 2 to 3 a bottle a day drinker of mt dew.

  9. I'm a big Pepsi Max fan, so i don't know if i WANT to read that!
    A freind of mine was told by her dietition that regular soda/soft drink is far better for you than any diet ones, so that's been hanging around the back of my mind a bit. Maybe i'll come back and read that :o)

    So what is it you are drinking? I dunno what a seltzer is. Is that like mineral water?

  10. Cactus, Seltzer is carbonated water and has no sodium. In the states we can get it with slight favoring added like lime, rasberry or orange.

  11. i have the occassional full fat soda as a treat but for someone who used to be a 6 can a day junkie I am so much happier drinking no added sugar fruit squash

  12. Ok, i'll have to look for it in the supermarket :o)

  13. There are far better alternatives out there than Soda. Pure Water and coconut juice are some of the example. On the other Obesity, Osteoporosis, Tooth decay, Heart disease are some of the dangers of drinking Soda to our health.