Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ah Ha Moment #2: People Really Do Care

In today's society it sure seems like people are caught up in their own lives. Maybe it's just an East Coast thing that we learn from the time we're youngsters. Maybe it's growing up in an Italian family or maybe it's simply self imposed cynicism. Whatever it is I've gone through my life believing that the only people who care about your are your family and your close friends. Everyone else could care less about you. You witness this attitude in business, in politics or even standing in line at the grocery store.

I have to say that I've had an epiphany of sorts these past few weeks. While I still feel there are sharks out there waiting to capitalize on the down times of his/her fellow man/woman, I have found a certain solace in the community of bloggers who are focused on becoming more fit and healthy.

When I first found Anti-Jared and started reading the comments to posts I asked myself "these people actually care about this person? they don't even know him?". Then I read the blogs of others who were in the midst of their journeys and saw how many people really cared about the accomplishments and failures of a complete stranger. It was truly amazing and enough to draw me into the community.

Having been an active blogger for all of 20 days now I already feel like a part of the community. The day to day reading of blogs and writing my own has had a profound effect on my attitude adjustment so far and I hope it will continue as I travel down this road.

Rest assured, caring for your fellow man/woman is still alive and well on the world wide web. Thank God!




  1. Even though you go to church, you thought that it was every man for himself? So the church goers are like that? I hope not :o/
    I have amazing friends who have gone beyond the call of friendship for me many times. And i try very hard to be the stranger i wish other strangers would be. I would like to imagine that empathy is alive and well in the human race as a whole.

  2. The odd thing about it is, that we are all in the same world thinking the same thing. Somehow we seem to have lost the art of communication. Maybe because it can be an ugly old world out there - and people are suspicious of a smile or even an 'Hi - how are you today!' instead we have retreated into the safety of our own havens and are now to scared to come out and join the world. The anonymity of cyberspace, where although there are cyber nasties out there - affords us a tad more protection to say and be who we really are, without fear of face to face rejection, makes the whole thing a far easier experience. What is sad, is that the people we are here, (with a few not so desirable exceptions), are probably the same nice guys we would bump into in the street, supermarkets, bus queue, but we avert our eyes and lower our heads, and keep on walking.


  3. The blogospere is great because it is people who are all looking for the same things: inspiration, accountability, knowledge... just to name a few.

    Don't know about you, but I find it pretty refreshing to have an infinitely growing team of supporters!

    Go team! Cheers,

  4. Love this post! And it's very true - and I, too, was quite surprised to see the support. I was like, well these people already have established friends, why would they welcome little 'ol me in now. But they do - no judgement here. It's nice. Keep up the good work. :)

  5. Yes, the blogging community is a great thing! Very supportive, encouraging, and yep, caring.

  6. The blogosphere is fantastic. We're all on the same journey and we can rise to the occassion and look out for our fellow (wo)men.

  7. So that's where the chopped liver taste in my mouth was coming from. Glad it's gone.


  8. I am not a blogger, but I get such inspiration and motivation from the blogs I read. Thanks!

  9. People really do care. A lot of us in the blogging community have become real friends and more (I met my boyfriend through blogging). I rely on the community of people surrounding my blog for support on my journey.

  10. I was shocked just like you when I was welcomed with open arms. I've even posted about some major failure on my weight loss travels, and all I've ever gotten is support and encouragement and an occasional good-hearted kick in the pants. I've been lucky that I haven't had any nasty comments from those cowards that hide behind the "Anonymous" tag, but I'm sure my day is coming, lol. All in all, I've found it to be a FABULOUS community of people who, as you said, really do care. :)

  11. here here! Its great to go out there and read about REAL people with real issues that are struggling and succeeding and trying hard. It keeps me going.

  12. Great post, I've only been blogging since New Years Day and I too think it makes a big difference. In fact I had written about that topic today as well: