Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Day Sunday... Hit The Treadmill

Yesterday I made good on my promise to start being more active. I walked 10 minutes on the treadmill today. It was cool because my kids were exercising with me. It makes me feel good to do things like that with my family. I did really well with eating today sticking to about 1600 cals.

Invented a new "smoothie" with vanilla protein shack mix (Scivation), 1/2 a banana, frozen strawberries and skim milk. I figured it to be about 220 cals. with 28 grams of protein... tasted like a milk shake.

A light bulb went off that inventing new things to digest would make the journey more fun. I'll be doing more of that.

Thanks to all those who have commented on my posts the past few days. Your encouragement and support really helps.



  1. I had sort of a similar experience today at the grocery store on the way home. Was buying stuff for subs, and didn't want to grab the hi-cal, hi-carb sub rolls I like so much. But the alternatives of double-fiber bread and etc. weren't sounding so appealing either, then I saw these things called FlatOut where you make your own wraps like at Subway and Jersey Mike's. Maybe not as inventive as creating my own smoothie, lol, but the point is that it will be something different. Will see how it turns out.

  2. let me know how you make out with it Matt. i'd like to try it.