Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Jet's Lost But I Won This Weekend

On Saturday night I attended a fundraiser. They had tons of high calories appetizers which are now off my radar. My strategy was to eat a nice pasta with pesto dinner before attending. I had only one Bud Lite and two pieces of italian sausage bread. I even resisted the dessert tray which had mini cream puffs and canoli. I went up on my own looking for some fruit, saw the pastries and returned with the sausage bread.

On Sunday the Jets lost but I won. I planned my eating day to have 1200 calories in reserve for game time snacks and dinner. I kept to baked potato chips, low fat cheddar cheese and pretzels. Had a nice sandwich for dinner and nice size bowl of mixed fruit for dessert. I did have 2 oatmeal cookies but I had the calories left to do it.

All in all I'm really happy with the way I managed the food at these two events. Normally I would have gorged myself with who knows how many calories. Instead I walked away satisfied both physically and mentally.




  1. Way to tiptoe thru the minefield!! You did a really great job of managing your intake. Way to go!!

  2. Excellent restraint!! So proud of you for having a plan and sticking to it!! :)