Monday, January 4, 2010

Back To The Grind

The holidays are past us now. It's back to the daily routines... like late night "snacks".

Last night I had a very strong urge to eat a bowl of cereal at about 11:30pm while I watching the Jets/Bengal's game. I got up from my chair, walked into the kitchen, opened the pantry, grabbed the box of cereal, grabbed the milk, grabbed a bowl, opened the box and... I caught myself. I had a glass of water.

It took much of my will power to put all those things back where they belong and not have that midnight snack. The urge was still there when I went to bed but I woke up proud of myself for breaking through that milestone.

I don't think it's over yet by a long shot. I'm sure I will have late night snack urges again. Hopefully the first one was the toughest and it will get easier to resist as the nights go by until I break the habit completely.



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  2. This is hilarious, I could have written almost the same exact words right down to the Jets-Bengals game! When I have to go anywhere near the kitchen at night for something, it's almost an automatic reflex to grab something out of the fridge, hungry or not.

    I'm going to start following your blog, you can find me here:

  3. Hey Matt. Hope your a Jet's fan. I'll check out your blog to and add it to my bloglist on the site. We have to retire the fork after dinner... that's what I tell myself. If we have to reach, reach for an apple, orange or banana.

    Keep in touch!

  4. Actually a Titans fan, but watched the Jets-Bengals anyway, thinking it might be a decent game. I do, however, think the Jets are the sleeper no one is talking about that could win it all. Great running game, great defense. Sounds like a Superbowl team to me.