Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Plan - Revised

Now that I've had a few days to organize things in my head I've pruned down My Plan to a few simple items:

1. Closely monitor caloric and nutritional intake. Eat three meals a day along with healthy snacks within my daily calorie target.

2. No eating after 9:30pm.

3. No diet soda or processed foods.

4. Drink lots of water.

5. Exercise 15 minutes per day. Be more active overall.

6. Weigh in once a week and chart progress.

7. Report progress, thoughts, etc on this blog.

8. Seek out tools to help me reach my goal weight of 220 lbs.

9. Reach for support from family, friends and bloggers before I reach for a doughnut.

Sticking to this plan will get me to my goal weight.



  1. of course "doughnut" could be replaced with any junk food.

  2. here some more help ( work for me ). Use to track your food ( free, easy to use ) Be diligent using it. Tracks just about everything else, too. Stop eating after dinner ( like 7pm, not 9:30 - that's too late ). Try eating 5 meals a day, portioning your food allotment accordingly - helps with cravings, blood sugar ups and downs.
    I can't handle tv when I am trying to lose - do something else instead ( you won't believe how much you get done). If no tv, stay online and read weightloss blogs to keep motivated. Hope these help.

  3. thanks for the advice. i'm actually using because it has a Blackberry app which makes it real easy to stay on top of things.