Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New Day!

Thanks for all the great comments and feedback. It's really cool to that people show so much support.

I had a deep discussion with my wife about my recent struggles. She was so supportive and helped vent out all that I had bottled up. Thanks Sweet Heart!

I'm happy to say that these past few days have been very positive for me. I've stopped night eating and I'm feeling more positive about what's ahead of me.

Yesterday I took my kids to a Major League baseball game.. there were many temptations around. But... I only had a sandwich, with some fries... and two bottles of water (at $5 per bottle). There seemed to be dozens of varities of foods available. As you would guess I thought about eating many times throughout the game but I stayed in my seat to avoided temptations. I also thought about the next time I go to a game having more room in the seat (it was a little tight). It was a great, memorable day.

This next week I will be focusing on getting back to counting calories and walking.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Do I Get Back On Track?

I don't know where to start. I'm back to feeling out of control. I was doing so well for the first 4 months.. then something happened. Maybe I was distracted by baseball season which I love so much. Maybe by my family whom I love so much. I don't know what caused me to fall of the train but I want to get back on it fast. I have to be honest... I am sneaking a snacks here and there. Things I shouldn't eat. My wife is going to read this and be disappointed in me. Sorry Hun.

I can't even be trusted to go to the food store by myself because I am tempted to buy food to eat on the way home. I went this weekend to pick up stuff to make Fajitas and saw Golden Oreo Double Stuff cookies on a sale rack. I bought them. Got them in the car. Debated whether I should eat them or throw them away. I ended up opening them. I ate one cookie, then another and as I went to grab the third I stopped myself. I felt disgusting. I stopped the car near a garbage can and threw them out. I felt good to do that but soon after I had the urge to stop for something else. It never ends.

Good news though.. The last two nights I haven't had any food after dinner.. no late night eating.

This post is my first step at having a heart to heart with myself about my size and situation. I need to become smaller and healthier. Just because I stopped eating fast food doesn't mean I've really accomplished much. I need to lose 200 pounds and I need to do it as soon as possible.

Simple Goals:
  1. Be honest with myself
  2. Think more often about why I want to lose weight
  3. Get back to tracking calories
  4. Start walking every day.