Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 7 (429): When To Re-Feed, That Is The Question

Good news.. I woke up, weighed in and lost another pound which brings me to 429 lbs and a total lost of 5 pounds.  Note.. I'm going to start including my current weight in the blog title.

 I'm really happy with the 2300 Cal level and 40% Protein /30% Carb /30% Fat ratio.   It allows me to feel very satisfied at meals and have foods that are good and enjoyable.   Last night I budgeted for 1 cup of Edy's Lite Vanilla Ice Cream.  Not something I will do everyday but it was definitely delicious.   Theres nothing wrong with enjoying foods.  We're not robots for crying out loud.  The good Lord gave us taste buds for a reason.  Anyway, a good week so far and really happy with the results.

Now to the Re-Feed.   First, for those of you who aren't familiar with the term, A Re-Feed is an event where you eat above your normal calorie plan and can go outside of your PCF ratio.  It's a common method used in body building.  The theory is that as you continue at a set level your metabolism starts to get nervous especially if you've had a recent  major drop in caloric intake.  Take me for example.  Last week I was eating 4500-5000 cals per day.  Then all of the sudden I drop it down to 2300.  After a few days my metabolism starts to raise the red flag and may begin to burn fat at a slower rate (survival mode).  By doing a Re-Feed you give your metabolism a higher caloric intake.. say 2800.   This sends the message to your metabolism that everything is OK and hopefully you go back to burning energy at the faster rate.  Of course exercise will help all this too.

The idea of a Re-Feed is kinda cool.  It gives you the option to go outside of your P/C/F ratio for a day and have some foods you might not normally eat during your normal program.  Now that's not to say you eat an entire pizza or apple pie.   I think you have to stay with the notion of everything in moderation.   Personally, I'm going to stay close to my PCF ratio.  I don't want to take a chance of falling off the train.   I'm going to stick with good foods but just have more of them for a day.

Look, I'm not a nutritionist or a physician.  What I'm describing is what was suggested to me by a person who is very knowledgeable about nutrition.  It all make sense to me and I'm going to try it and see what happens.  The way I look at it... I'm eating 2300 now.. 2800 is more than my plan but its certainly way less that the 4000-5000 cals I had been consuming.

Some say that Re-Feeds should be wide open caloric intake and without concern for Fat/Protein/Carb ratios.  I'm not going to do that.  I'm going to pop it up 500 and stick with the same ratios because I don't want to put myself on a path back to being a Free Style eater.

The other question is... when should I do my Re-Feed?  Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly?  I think if I was well into my program then I would go with weekly.  My brother in law  (he's they guy that kicked me in the ass and got me back on the program) who lost 60 pounds on this program and also works out like a madman does weekly Re-Feeds.  This works for him mentally and physically.  I'm going to start with Bi-Weekly and see what the results are.  Again, I'm on the train now and I don't want to do anything that might put me back in my old state of mind with regard to eating.

BTW... I'm going to start referring to my brother in law as Derek because 1.. he thinks Derek Jeter is overrated  (I disagree) and 2.  its easier to type "Derek" than "my brother in law".

This entire program seems to really make sense to me.  As Derek said yesterday, he thinks of it as a game.   If you think about it.. it really is like a sport if you will.  You try out this strategy see if it shows results .. try something else see if that works.  With the end game being body fat loss.   I'll save the "Weight Loss Is A Sport" post for another day.

Until then.. thanks for reading and I hope my experiences are helpful..


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