Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 6: Wash Cloth For The Soul

I woke up, weighed myself and was pleased to see I lost another pound.. Now at 430 lbs.

Last night I wrote an email to Sean Anderson the author of Transformation Road.  I had exchanged emails with him a few years ago and I wanted to let him know I was back on track. I also wanted him to know how much I identified with his book.

I wrote to him that "Reading your book has forced me to confront the reasons why I eat for comfort.   After I have those confrontations I feel like someone took a wash cloth and cleansed my soul. That someone is me I guess but I wanted to say thanks to you for giving me the wash cloth."

I guess Sean kinda liked the analogy because he wrote me back this morning. It felt great to get his response. I wanted him to know that he was helping me heal myself.

Really happy with the way things are going.


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