Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 10 (428.5) Half A Pound at A Time

This morning I was pleased to see the scale indicator move a little to the left.  My weight is now 428.5 lbs, total weight loss 5.5 lbs.  As I'm sure I've written before..  any weight loss is a good loss!   I need to start moving my body to help with calorie burn.  Going to start to walk at least 10 minutes per day.
Made some nice chicken fajitas last night.  Chicken, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, fresh squeezed lime juice... all sauteed (table spoon of olive oil) in a grilling pan and served with 3 tortillas (two whole wheat and one white flour).   Calories and make up of both types of tortillas are about the same.  Probably should have stuck with two but I had the cals left to have three.  I had a sprinkle of low fat shredded Mexican cheese on them with some salsa.

My carb ratio was a bit high yesterday so I'll balance it out today with more protein.  I'm not really worried about it. It's not like I went way over or had a high carb binge.  I'm in control.  Although I was getting pretty strong urges last night around 10pm.   I had a glass of skim milk and the world was a better place.

My plan this week is to stick with 2300 cals @ 40P/30C/30F ration and do a 2800 calorie Re-Feed on Saturday.  I may have mentioned this but I also bought a good digital food scale.  They spring loaded scale we have is OK but not very accurate.   If I'm going to start experimenting with recipes and stuff I'll need a good scale.

Might to try to make Derek's Chocolate Cake tonight.   More to come...


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