Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 13 (428) My Former Snack Menu

Finally, I shed that freakin .5 pound that was dangling around for the past few days.  Currently 428 lbs, total loss 6 lbs. Daily weigh-ins can be frustrating but they help me start each day with the main goal in mind.

I was talking with Derek about former snack habits today and I thought it might be a good idea to list out some of the snacks I use to inhale and what they're caloric makeups look like... These are not necessarily in order of preference... I was addicted to all of them.  This is a small sampling.  So here we go... (Note:  The McDonalds was very rare but I did eat it a few times during the past 2 years so I thought I should include it):

It seems really crazy now that I look at it this way.  I obviously never took the time to think about how much fat and carbs were contained in these combinations.  Foods that go well together and are so easy to just grab, go and eat in the comfort of the car.

When I peel back the onion its easy to see that if I had one of these snack combos a day, along with my normal 3 meals and late night snack,  I could easily continue to gain weight.    I get flop sweat when I look at this list.   I'm amazed that I just mindlessly ate these things nearly every day.  Talk about a wake up call.   Self analysis can sometimes be a real bitch.. that's for sure.

If I'm tempted again to choose from the above menu I will remember this post and think about the really bad combinations I would put into my body.   This is part of the healing process.   I have to make myself understand what I was mindlessly doing to my body.  Consuming these foods with reckless abandon.

This has stopped thank God.  I'm committed to no starting it again.  Actually I feel like I insulted my own intelligence eating this way.  How could a smart guy do this to himself?   The only answer I have is that I found psychological comfort from my feelings and concerns by stopping off at the store and eating like this.  In a way it's like a shoulder to cry on I guess.  Well, next time I'll call my wife and talk with her if I'm feeling stressed or worried.    Overeating is not the answer.



  1. Two cheeseburgers from mcdonalds? Double cheeseburgers is clearly the way to go :D. Its frustrating to think about how many times I'd shoot through a drive through on my way to-from work and stop at mcdonalds for seemingly no reason. I wasn't even hungry.

  2. I hear you bro. I've often thought that drive thru's should be outlawed because they make it so easy to eat mindlessly.

  3. There is no logic at all in emotional eating. Its almost subconscious. I find I do all the logic reasoning afterward when I'm making myself feel guilty about what I just ate.