Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 42 (426-8) Sneaked A Weigh In

I woke up curious and had to weigh myself this morning.  My suspicions that I described yesterday were unfounded.  I remain at 426 which I'm happy about.  Hopefully, I experience a "wooosh" before Saturday's official weigh in and record a loss for this week.. If not, so be it.  It's a long journey and I have to be ready to handle the pace of progress.  The important thing is that my eating habits are changing for the better and I'm winning the food addiction battles as they come along.



  1. You have a wonderful blog! I am on a similar journey, in August of 2011 I tipped the scales at 460 pounds. Since then I have managed to lose 150 pounds and am now down to 306 (as of last friday). I could not agree more that learning how to eat the proper way is far more important than anything because it is what will give us lasting results. You are doing awesome! I am excited to follow this blog, It will help keep me motivated. If you get a minute will you check mine out?

  2. Thanks Brandie. It's a fight every day but it's getting easier. Keep up the great work too!