Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 20 (428-6) Keeping My Cool, Friday Morning Weigh In's

It's been 20 days since I started.  I gained back a pound yesterday.  I know 6 pounds in 20 days is healthy.   But honestly, weighing myself everyday and dealing with the micro up and downs is driving me nuts.   Perhaps its because I'm the type of person who likes to see fast results (like most Americans).  I know it's a long road and slow process.  But I feel like I'm checking the oil after every 10 miles of driving.

Regardless, I'm going to start weighing in weekly on Friday mornings.   Its the end of the working week and something to look forward to, etc.   I may step on the scale a few days during the week to check on progress but I'm going to officially report my weight once per week.  Once I drop 30 or 40 pounds I may change back to daily.  But for now.. it's going to be weekly.

I'm adjusting to 2100 calories per day just fine.   In the back of my mind I'm still thinking that 1800 is the right number for me based on previous attempts.   However, if I decide to reduce my intake it won't be drastic.

I'm at the point were I'm working hard at changing and I feel like my body owes me some better results.   I'm not throwing my hands up in the air. I feel good about the changes I've made.  I just want to see the scale move south.  Can you blame me?

So tomorrow will be my first weekly weigh in.

Have a nice day :)



  1. Maybe counting calories isn't doing the trick. I'm not telling you to give up, because boy have you been putting in lots of effort! And that's so great you're on top of all these numbers, it shows how crazy motivated you are.

    If you were however to up your fruits, veggies, and beans to unlimited crazy amounts, and kept 10% of your daily calories towards your choice of anything, you may be impressed by the results.

    These are the premises of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live program. Yeah, haters call it rabbit food, yeah your palate needs time to adjust, yeah it's hard when others aren't eating the same as you. But I imagine you must have amazing reasons to do the hard work when you're putting forth so much effort in counting calories and restricting your diet.

    Anywho, sorry to throw in my 2 cents when I don't know you, but I'm so excited about my own results and the fact I don't have to constantly portion my food, count calories, or see the scale go up and down. I'm not starving because I eat as much as I want and I still lose weight.

    Since converting to the program (I haven't 100% committed, still at a moderate change), I'm down 7.4 lbs in 11 days. I use my blog to track what I've eaten that day and my feelings about how the journey progresses, I think tracking has been a major component of my success.

    Not trying to shove anything down your throat, but I wanted to be informative about an approach that does not involve counting calories and portioning food. Reading "Eat to Live" could possibly redefine everything you think you know about nutrition. All the doc's findings are backed by scientific, peer-reviewed journals and important findings like The China Study.

    Again, I'm not meaning to be preachy and sorry if I've at all come off that way. Just a suggestion. Best of luck!