Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Blowing And Super Bowl Planning

Tonight I'll be attending a Super Bowl party so my plan is to have a 450 calories breakfast, have about 300 for lunch and leave the rest (1100) for tonight. I'll be sure to keep my pre-dinner grazing controlled and keep a mental note of calories consumed. Hopefully they'll have a nice veggie platter which I can use as home base. I've been through 3 other parties in the past 4 weeks, I can get through this once as well.

Yesterday I spent close to 2 hours outside doing snow cleanup. I used the snow blower on 2 driveways working at it for about 90 minutes total. MyNetDairy says that I burned 1300 calories. I found another website that said it was about 900. Either way it was a good calorie burn. I can tell because I'm sore as hell this morning. I felt very hungry around 4pm after finishing these activities so I worked a 300 calorie snack into my intake. Didn't feel guilty because I had burnt off so many calories earlier in the day. It was a nice feeling to eat something only because my body needed it.



  1. ETL-

    Have a light, healthy snack before you go and drink lot's of water. That way when you get there you won't be starving and less likely to go hog wild. Good Luck

    -FogDog Weight Loss

  2. Two birds with one stone practical movement! Yay! I shoveled and moved about a dump truck full of tiny pea gravel last year over the course of two days and I was sweatin' the whole time. And then parts of our dog run and yard weren't all mud. I REALLY like that I can help my family(hubby) with these types of chores now. It feels good.

  3. Good on you for all that calorie burning! And the sore muscles are only a sign of the burn. Try looking for other ways to burn calories too :o)

    Good luck at the party. You can do it :o)

  4. Congrats on the loss this weeek, and I'm sure you were able to navigate the Super Bowl party with no problem! :)

  5. LOL, my crutch last night was the vegetable tray and I ate enough of it that I was satisfied with having only 3 hot wings. Not that I didn't want more wings, but at least I wasn't hungry.