Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thoughts and Goals - My New Life in 2010

I am a middle aged American man who is extremely obese. I have a wonderful family who I love very much and they love me as well. I have battled with food addiction my entire life growing up in a family that saw food as a comfort rather than a source of energy. I want to break from my food addiction problem and someday have a healthy lifestyle. I have a lot of weight to lose... maybe 200 pounds. I can't really say for sure because sadly I don't have a scale that measures up to my weight but I would venture to say I am at least 400 pounds if not more. However I know how I want my body to be and that's where I want to get to.

My family wants me to be around to see my kids grow up. I want the same.

I have started this blog as a way to express my feelings and thoughts. I hope it will be therapy for me as I venture into this new life. I also hope that anyone who reads this will find it as inspiration.

I have to stop turning to foods for comfort when work is stressful or when I'm worried about something. I have to learn to eat to live.... not live to eat. I'm a smart guy and I should be able to figure this out.

I will begin on January 1st, 2010. My initial plan is to:

1. Exercise at least 15 minutes per day. i will start out by walking on the tread mill three times a day for 5 minutes each time.

2. Reduce the amount of bread and bread like foods from my diet. I have a serious addiction to breads and this I think will help.

3. No more eating after dinner. I have a bad habit of eating after my family has gone to bed. This is not good. After 1/1/2010... once I finish dinner I am done eating for the day.

4. Eat only what my wife prepares. I have been doing this for a while now but have to cut out anything in between meals.

5. If I have to eat out, eat healthy. I have a tendency to use eating out as the excuse to eat unhealthy or fattening foods. This has to stop.

My goal for 2010 is to lose enough weight to where I am feeling like I can move again. Where the simple movements are natural again. In 12 months I would like to lose 75 pounds. I think that if I follow these steps I have a good chance of obtaining my goals.

Why do I want to lose weight?

So I can extend my life and live to see my kids grow up and have a great life with my wife.

So I can easily walk to wherever I have to go.

So I am not embarassed when my clothes don't fit

So I can travel on an airplane without having to use a seat belt extender. I have my own but it's still embarassing to have to squeeze into those tiny seats and hold my breath while I buckle up.

So am not always thinking that my kids are embarrased of me.

So I can fit into any car and use the seatbelt.

So I can go to a pro sports game and fit into the seat.

So I can wear nice, stylish clothes.

So I can love myself again. Don't get me wrong.. I like myself... but I don't love myself. I want to be comfortable in my body again.

That's it for now... Holiday dinners coming up. Will post on that separetly.


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