Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Update

Things are going OK. My family has been in Florida for the past week... coming home today. I've been home with my son and trying to stick to plan. I've had a few slips but nothing major... mostly eating after dinner. I made a commitment to myself this morning to get back on the train and stay within 1500 cals per day.

I had a great moment yesterday. I walked 1 mile. Yes a mile. I haven't walked that far for years and I felt great afterwards. I'm going to do the same today and plan to walk at least a mile each day. This should get the metabolism going.

That's all for now. Weigh in next Saturday.



  1. Way to go on the mile! That's fantastic! :-)

  2. good for you! there's no stopping you now

  3. Congrats on that mile...i hit it and it feels great...
    I used to be i know how it is...keep it uppp..... check out my blog...follow me...