Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do These Shorts Fit Me?

It's hot again in the NorthEast. Thank God! Thought I might go back to wearing shorts since the forecast was for 90 degree temps. Went to my closet for my old huge shorts and saw another pair I'd never worn. They were a few sizes smaller but did not fit me last summer. I decided to try them on and..whamo, they fit. I couldn't help but smile when I realized I could wear them. Things like this keep me on track. I needed it because I have a feeling I might have gained a few pounds after the great italian easter feast this past weekend. I didn't over do it but I definately ate more cals and more high fat foods that I normally do. It might take me a week more to recover but I will find out Saturday when I weigh in.



  1. Non Scale Victories Rock!!!

  2. fitting in something that was too tight is a great feeling...congratulations!

  3. "i might have gained a few pounds ... I did not overdo it" Hmmmm those two things dont exactly go together if your totally honest about it

  4. Isn't it a great feeling to get to wear smaller sized clothes?

    Easter candy is soooo good - I finally had to give it all away!!

  5. thats awesome...such a great feeling and truly when that happened to me I did a whole lot more than smile.

    I vaguely recall some shouting happening :)


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