Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 56 (426-8) Back On The Train!

I took the liberty of an early weigh in today and was happy to see that I shed the weight I had put back on last week.  I'm pretty sure I can attribute this to drinking 64oz+ per day and staying very close to 1700 cals per day.  I'm now going to work on lowering carb intake to about 70-80 grams per day.   This won't be easy but I think if I can maintain this my weight loss will be more consistent.

This weekend will be a challenge for me.  My son has three ball games on Saturday and we'll likely be eating lunch and dinner on the road.  I plan to pack lunch and if we stop for dinner I'll order something sensible that's within my plan.   This will be the normal mode of operation for most of the weekends this summer so its important I establish good habits right out of the gate.

Looking forward to more downward movement on the scale as the days continue..

Good choices, self truth.



  1. Good for you for getting back on track. I find it really hard to get back on track after a rough week. I have had a few bad weeks with weight loss right now but am always trying to get back in the groove. Just found your blog. I am your newest follower on twitter and GFC

  2. it's not easy but we have to find a way to keep the momentum going forward. i know that in the end all the effort will be worth it. i also know that if eating healthy becomes a habit the road will be easier. just have to take it one meal at a time. thanks for your comments!