Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still Here and Still Fighting

Not going to give up. Summer activities make it hard to find time to post here. Haven't lost but haven't gained either. Have to admit that I've lost the edge, the zeal I had when I started. I'm trying to get it back. Still no diet drinks or fake sweeteners, no fast food. I've curbed the late night snacks. Going to make a commitment to count cals and focus on 1500 per day for the next week. Take it day by day. It's helpful to go back and read some of my initial posts.

Thanks to all of you for your supportive comments. I'm on the train, just driving a bit slow right now.



  1. you just keep at it! your health is worth it :)

  2. Good to here you are back,haven't gained and are working on getting your edge back. Nothing wrong with taking it slow. Taking it slow is better that going fast, fumbling, getting frustrated and giving up. I've been there and done that. Stay strong and have a great holiday weekend.

  3. That's great that you are maintaining... Something to be proud of! Every little success is effort and worth celebrating. You are on a huge journey (like myself) and some days it's just baby steps. It helps me to make a list of WHY I'm making this journey and how reaching my goal will change my life... then I put it on my bathroom mirror and read it every day.

    Don't give up!!

  4. Nice to see that you're still fighting! You can do it!

  5. I'm glad you're still fighting! I'm rooting for you!

  6. The first thing I learned about weight loss is that its a slow process. Don't focus on the final goal, just the next pound. Remember that it takes 100 one dollar bills to make 100 dollars.

    The second and even more important part of the picture is exercise (something I always hated!) It has to be frequent and fun. I'm big on walking, but in cool places. Treadmill is boring! I choose long walks with lots of scenery to keep up my interest. When I first started, I could manage about 20 minutes per day, 3 - 4 days per week (sustained). Now I do up to 90 minutes per day (sustained) 6 - 7 days per week and love every minute of it! (Not an overnight thing.)

    If you haven't been there already, I suggest checking out I do that as a minimum everyday, easily reaching 20,000 steps on some days. Keep in mind that you don't have to walk all those steps at once. Focus on things like avoiding escalators, moving sidewalks and elevators. Park as far from the entrance of a store as possible. Remind yourself to get up at least once per hour and do some kind of walking, even if for only 5 minutes!

    Trust me it works! Good Luck on your quest, I am pulling for you.

  7. How is that train going today? Still on the tracks??